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Food Vendor


Thank you for your interest in Groove in the Wild Vending. Groove in the Wild Festival takes place June 29- July 3, 2023, outside the city of Chase, BC on the shared traditional territories of the Cel7wet First Nations.


Top quality food vendors are essential for Groove in the Wild. A projected 1,200 attendees and crew members and volunteers will be on-site for 4 days. We are searching for dedicated vendors who provide delicious and nutritious meals while sharing the common goal of leave no trace. All vendors will be encouraged to support local business when sourcing ingredients in an attempt to give back to the community. 


Please read carefully: 

  • Cost is $1,000 plus 10% of daily sales.

  • Applications close on March 31st, 2023.

  • Successful applicants will be responded to by April 14th, 2023.

  • Unsuccessful applicants will not be contacted.

  • Power is not included.

  • Garbage, recycling and compost removal from site is included in the fee.

  • All staff must be 19+ and photo ID will be required.

  • Tents, tables, chairs etc are not provided. Please bring everything you need.

  • All vendors are responsible for liability insurance and compliance with any and all requirements of British Columbia. $2 million minimum.

  • Vendors are responsible for leaving a clean area at closing.

  • Vendors shall exhibit professional manners always.

  • Vendors must arrive and be set up at least one day prior to the festival start.

  • Vendors are required to be open until 2pm on Monday post festival. 

  • Vendors are required to be open from 12pm to 10pm but can stay open longer if they wish.

  • Successful applicants will be required to advertise the festival.

  • Food vendors must accept food tokens which are valued at $13 a token. These can be redeemed for $10 at the end of the festival. 

  • Larger set ups require a larger fee due to space.

  • Refrigeration is not provided.

  • Compostable packaging and utensils are required.

  • No disposable packaging or glass is permitted.

  • $200 leave no trace deposit is required and will be returned within 7 business days.

  • Permit to operate is required from Interior Health and must be provided upon acceptance.

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