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Tickets & Instalment Plan

Groove  in the Wild  2024 Thursday Early Access

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Groove  in the Wild  2024

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Groove  in the Wild  2024 Bus Ticket

Instalment Plan

We are delighted to announce that for Groove in the Wild 2024 festival goers will have the option to purchase an instalment plan to attend GITW.


Get ready because they won’t be around for long, the instalment plans are limited, so make sure you act fast. They will be available for 3 weeks.

So, the TLDR; GITW instalment plans are ONLY $63 CAD + service fees & taxes every 4 weeks from when you register until we’re Groovin’ again.

Your last chance to sign up is on Thursday February 22nd 2024.

Caveat: There is a grace period of 1 week for late payments. Please be responsive to emails regarding this. So ensure you leave enough money in your account for the direct deposit to be successful.

Unfortunately, we had to cover our back here as the management costs are too high, and so - You WILL NOT be able to transfer your GITW instalment plan ticket and YOU CANNOT CANCEL YOUR TICKET. PLEASE MAKE NOTE OF THIS we don’t want anyone to feel hard done by. All instalments, late payment fees and cancellation fees are subject to added service fees & taxes.

The below link will take you to our instalment plan providers. 

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